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From this week's Patreon post. If you want more sparkling conversation like this just click the link above and sign up:

"It’s been one of those weeks, my Public, when the ideas won’t stop. No, really, Will Not Stop, on and on, faster and faster, like flashcards.

Now, generally, it’s my experience that, when concepts are fermenting deep in our meandering gray matter, they rarely announce their intent, preferring to work on the sly as a discreet feeling of unease or dissatisfaction. However, in instances when a brainstorm does announce itself it does so loudly and long with bottle rockets, Mariachi fanfares and the occasional migraine headache.

And so it is you can imagine yesterday morning: my postage stamp corner of California awash in watery cockcrow light under a mostly blue sky that’s largely free of all but a modicum of smoke, and there I am, blurry of eye with a cup of black coffee steaming in a scalpel of light lancing straight from the core of the sun, not quite earthbound due to being awakened at two in the AM by a sideshow* participant doing smoky donuts in the cul-de-sac behind our rental unit. And further imagine that I sit in that sunbeam all unsuspecting, almost but not quite trying not to hear the thunderous toppling of all those brazen statues with feet of clay that have been crashing to earth of late, when a fierce, sudden, unbidden and truly overpowering resolve to bail from Facebook roars to life. It’s a true web 2.0 internet-based applications delenda est moment, and I have no idea why. I don’t give two figs about social media (Kel don’t tweet, you see) and yet here it is, a sudden unbidden Hejira.

And so, still having no idea why yet compelled to do it, I take steps, telling my infinitesimal cluster of Facebook friends that with the world more and more a Turneresque welter of smoke and fistfights and the once dewy promise of social media irrevocably reduced to a din like a pillowcase stuffed with fighting chihuahuas, it’s well past time for me to go. Sadly, I imagine no garments were rent.

Now, of course, in typical form, all that stuff up there is just a setup, a causal prelude to what I really want to talk about: the more sweeping, insistent paint and pixel-based changes afoot in this week’s page (can you find them?). Vastly and vitally important changes based on this week’s swarming idea storm which I rashly leaped to implement and will go on about in meticulous depth in coming posts.

So stand by, and for now enjoy Miss Piper’s consternation, it’s only going to get majestically worse!"

* Sideshow: an informal demonstration of automotive stunts often held in vacant lots and public intersections, most often in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. - Wikipedia

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