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Well, we have a problem...

The hard drive of my beloved eight year old Mac Pro work computer packed it in this week. It's going into the shop to get a new one installed, and though I'm a fanatical backer-upper of data, and though it could have ended up being something a lot more dire, to say that it sort of broke both my heart and my brain is putting it lightly.
I've illustrated nine books on that computer, made covers and game cards and maps, with other wonderful things to do floating out on the horizon... but most of all I've used it to make every last page of Pepperpot Piper, my spec labor of love.
What that means to all of you is, obviously, no computer for me means no Pepperpot for you, at least while I wait for it to come home and I reload all the software and find all the scattered files and somehow soothe my jangled nerves...

And, not surprisingly, the new drive is pricey too, I'm afraid, these things always are.

So, if you'd like to smooth the rocky road ahead for me you can make a one-time donation at PayPal.me to bring Pepperpot Piper back to life and keep her that way. Thanks, loyal readers. Fingers crossed.
Here's the link to donate:


Thanks again all,


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Really busy!

Will comment Later!


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