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Scoop first appeared back on page 25.
Researching his 1920s Graflex plate camera and flash powder tray was a pleasant couple weeks of poking around the internet. I’d love to own one, though I’d never use it.

Here are two more old things I’d like to have, just for the having of them.
A Keith Emerson 1970s modular Moog synthesizer, because it'd sound like a kazoo, weigh an actual ton, and you’d need a stepladder just to program it.

And then there’s the punt gun, a boat-borne duck hunting cannon from a century-plus ago, advertised as a way of demolishing a hundred birds at a time. Just the thought of it makes me uneasy. I hate putting out mousetraps and ant bait so turning a flock of ducks into meat paste is definitely out of the question. Still, for some imprudent reason I’d like to have one.
Go figure:

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