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A while ago I thought wouldn’t it be a blast and a half to write a Pepperpot Piper murder mystery novel… one that starts like a week before and then leads up to the first panel of the comic strip…  one with a whole lineup of creepy pulp suspects… and most importantly, one that I could whang up on Amazon?

So, having thought all that, I wrote one!

Pretty much.

That is, I finished the storyline and polished Chapter One to final draft… and then I choked… I stalled... I let it sit for months on the hard drive gathering digital dust.
So now, to put the spurs to my dormant guilt here are the first 1500 words laid out in exquisite Garamond.
Though Pepperpot puts in an appearance on just about every page of the book the story is narrated by a new character, silent screen idol Mr. A.C. Castleberry, who’s taken quite the shine to our Miss Piper.

So, read it if you please… enjoy it if you can… and I’ll go get back to work on:

Pepperpot Piper is written & illustrated by Joseph Kelly
All content copyright © Joseph Kelly
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