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And the years fly on forever
‘Til the shadows veil their skies
But he loves to hold her little hands
And look in her sea-blue eyes
And she sees the road by the poplars
Where they met in the bygone years
For the first little song of the roses
Is the last little song she hears

Roses are shining in Picardy
In the hush of the silver dew
Roses are flowering in Picardy
But there's never a rose like you
And the roses will die with the summertime
And our roads may be far apart
But there's one rose that dies not in Picardy
‘Tis the rose that I keep in my heart

Roses of Picardy
Lyrics by Frederick Weatherly, music by Haydn Wood - 1916 Chappell & Co

Pepperpot Piper is written & illustrated by Joseph Kelly
All content copyright © Joseph Kelly
All rights reserved