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Four months ago I had a plan. When I introduced this new character - the portly guy in the penguin suit - I’d show his car too, as a cypher for his lofty socio-economic status - id est: rich Jazz Age guy = big Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, right?
The car would be tremendous, rendered at least twice on the page from different angles in baleful low firelight, a colossal, mirror-bright paean to conspicuous consumption gleaming beside the wreckage of the bank.
But then the layout happened, and no matter how I tried to shoehorn in the Rolls it just wouldn’t fit without looking forced, jammed in... extraneous.
So there it is now, writ small up in panel two, a glimpse of my theoretical chrome and glass extravaganza barely seen peeking out from behind one of the toughs.

Below, at actual size, is the fateful initial Sharpie scribble of the Rolls scrawled on the back of a local watering hole’s Dec. 2014 live music flyer.

If memory serves, I ordered fish n’ chips and a Hop Stoopid.


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