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Kel’s Equipment Corner
They say you shouldn’t love possessions. They say time, tide, treachery, entropy and loss spirit away all things, and surely they do have a point. But, having said that, meet my battered yet unbowed 1980s vintage (and the very, very, very last) model of the Paasche AB turbo airbrush:

Like a Porsche 356 stripped down for rallying the AB's a splendid, bottomless rabbit hole of tuning, fiddling, monkeying, adjusting, re-adjusting, re-fiddling and head scratching. HOWEVER when you get an AB purring you can paint Milla Jovovich riding a unicorn, firing an RPG at Harryhausen skeletons during the Battle of Lepanto - all of it on the skinny end of a charmed quark, with room left over for a chorus line of robots cage-dancing the frūg (whatever that is).
And yet, even knowing the facts, I’d bet the rent they’d still say I shouldn’t love my old AB...
What the #%$! do they know!


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