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Program note:

We’re moving to a new PepperPad, the third in all including Mousehaven and the deuce of rentals sold out from under us since the strip began. The move, and the not so trivial detail that I won’t have a workspace or internet ‘til the middle of next month, means you have to wait until March 20th for page 103.

We’ll have a couple housemates at the new place, which is what it is, but on the bright side I’ll have my own office with an actual closeable door, and a lake across the road that a local denizen tells me I can fish in.

So please stick around, ‘cause if you do a bunk you’ll miss the coming fire and blood and commotion and hollering and a cable car thing that happens and some 1925 vintage Ace motorcycle stuff and Chinatown crispy duck and a doubtlessly unwise literary walk-on and Miss Piper’s imminent return to the fray (not even remotely in that order).

See you back here then, mis amigos, on March 20th.


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