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There’ll likely be a new page here at Pepperpot Piper within the next two or three weeks because sometimes things work out. Sometimes luck makes all the difference, though more often it takes a lot more.
More often it takes someone like my fearless Claudia, who got us away from the fire, who got the car turned around and booked it twice when there were just flames up ahead, who made the decisions that got us out… or angels like the wonderful Christian and Serika who welcomed us into their pint-sized apartment south of San Francisco for nine hectic, roller coaster days, who risked their sanity to keep us and Claudia’s mad, bad, dangerous to know parents out of a shelter… or the magnificent Leslie Anne (with an E) who sent us a massive care package because her heart is ten sizes too big... and everyone, some who I haven't seen in decades, who offered us a place to stay, or money... or you lovelies who tossed much needed skrilla into our Patreon to help keep this project afloat.
The rest of the run of this comic, however long or short that may be, is gratefully, gratefully dedicated to you all.


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Stay glued to your seats, fellow travelers...

...'cause here’s a test for an incoming character (page 121-ish) whose headdress gives her a spider’s 180° of arc visual field. Now, why ever would she need that?

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